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Philip Davies is the Director of BySpace Ltd. He has worked in the space sector since the 1980s and is well-known to many in the industry. Phil joined the Space Professionals Partnership network from its outset and is a specialist in space technology, small satellite missions and space sector business development.

Since the early 1980’s Phil has worked in the space sector. He spent 9 years for Logica (now CGI) working on-site for ESA in France, Holland and Germany on a variety of satellite projects. Following his return to the UK in 1990 spent the next 6 years as a technical manager on several high profile space projects including the Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn, the Ariane 5 rocket’s flight safety system and the European satellite navigation initiatives, EGNOS and Galileo.

Phil moved to Surrey Satellites (SSTL) in the early 2000’s working on Europe’s first Galileo navigation satellite, GIOVE-A. Later at SSTL Philip led business development activities with SSTL navigation payloads as part of the Galileo full operational capability.


In the 2010’s Phil took on the role of Managing Director of Deimos Space UK Ltd, a provider of space software products and services and Earth observation services. Philip led Deimos UK’s activities around micro launch and several projects for the Sutherland Spaceport, the Orbital Express (Orbex) micro launcher and the UK launch range studies for UKSA.

Between 2012 to 2018 Phil was chairman of the UK’s Royal Aeronautical Society space group, hosting events with speakers including Elon Musk, Jean-Jacques Dordain and Tim Peake.

Since 2019, Phil has worked exclusively through his own company, BySpace Ltd, for a variety of customers in the satellite and launch domains.

When not working Philip enjoys road trips in beautiful cars, skiing and cycling (these days with an e-bike!).

Philip Davies Space Professionals Partner