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Andy & Andy, Co-founders of Space Professionals Partnership

The two Andy’s have known each other since 2006 where they both worked together as business development / Sales leads at VEGA Space (now part of Telespazio), with Andy Williams based in Darmstadt, Germany and Andy German based in the UK. They’ve kept in touch and worked together on various projects since.  Both set up their own consultancy companies prior to the pandemic and have provided technical/strategic consultancy to various clients. In late 2023, they decided to start Space Professionals Partnership with a view of bringing together a network of independent consultants in the space sector offering clients in Government, Investment and Industry with genuine deep, independent expertise.


Andy W’s background is in Ground Segment, and has also worked in business development, sales and strategy. He spent over 20 years working in Darmstadt, Germany and since moving back to the UK in 2015 has worked in SatCom, PNT, as well as business support & advice to downstream applications of space assets. He has previously been an ESA Business Applications Ambassador within the UK. When not working Andy enjoys running on the Cornish coast path, swimming and signing Tom Jones songs!


Andy G started his career in the Royal Air Force and worked on SkyNet satellite operations, before moving onto management, business development and business case strategy roles. His expertise has been both in upstream and downstream segments of SatCom, EO and PNT and has previously been UK delegate to ESA for the ARTES programme. Outside of work, Andy enjoys keeping fit, kayaking and making memories with his two boys!