Spotlight on...

Rob Manogue

Rob joined the Space Professionals Partnership Network towards the end of 2023. In a 45-year Space Systems Consulting, Executive Leadership, Management, and Business Development, Capture and Program Management and Acquisition/Contracting Consulting career, led significant BD and Capture efforts totaling wins of over $4B and led programs (Profit & Loss – P&L) totaling over $500M. In the past 20 years served as Vice President of Department of Defence (DoD) and National Space Business Development, Led National, DoD, and Commercial Telemetry, Tracking, and Commanding (TT&C) / Space Situational Awareness (SSA) software sales, Senior Client Executive for NRO and CIA, Led BD and Capture and Account Executive, Portfolio Manager, and Location/Business Area Manager. Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) technical assessments.

Prior to joining industry, served in the United States Navy (USN), as a Senior Chief, for 21 years.  He trained personnel on tactical and overhead requirements, collection management and analysis, and also prepared, supervised, and evaluated cryptologic operations.

In spare time Rob likes to walk and see all the wonderful English History with his wife.