Spotlight on...

Matthew Wills

Matt joined the Space Professionals Network in November 2023. A Chartered Engineer with an MEng in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Southampton and an MSc in Explosive Ordnance Engineering from Cranfield University, Matt has carved a unique career path in the civil service and private sector. His expertise in the defence sector contributed to missile safety, concept design, and explosive ordnance disposal projects for the UK Military and Special Forces. Notably, part of the pioneering team that accomplished a groundbreaking fully remote-controlled demolition of a major structure, setting new standards in the demolitions sector.

His experience in systems engineering at Rolls-Royce culminated in the development of the ‘future vision’ for combat technology up to 2060. This highlighted emerging technologies and aligned them with Rolls-Royce’s capabilities to promote new sectors for business development. He was also a key contributor to the ongoing work in fission power systems for the lunar environment and beyond.


Currently, as a co-founder of the start-up Sustain Space, he is at the forefront of creating a sustainable space environment. With an initial focus on developing a collective funding model for the remediation of space debris drawing on successful environmental strategies from Earth.

When not working, Matt enjoys running and also getting out in the countryside for a walk. Especially if there’s a pub lunch half way along the route.