Spotlight on...

Annette Kramer

Annette has joined the Space Professionals Partnership Network in early 2024 and is supporting Andy & Andy as a strategic adviser.

Originally from New York, Annette started in the first round of the Web after a career in theatre backstage and as an academic at Brown University.  The challenges are similar: build something, out of nothing, to a deadline, that works – and then testing and iterating collaboratively, solving problems in real time.  Annette came to London to build a business for an American philanthropist and has since served as a non-executive director, advisor, and consultant for high-growth companies.



She has also supported international delegations for the UK, South African, and Estonian governments as well as advised start-ups on funding, enterprises on aligning processes and people, and university researchers commercialise their work.

Annette also writes for Strategy and Business about leadership and has previously been working with InnovateUK for a decade before Space Professionals Partnership engaged with her as an Adviser.